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A master's degree in nursing is an advanced graduate degree sandwiched right between the bachelor's degree in nursing and the master's in medical sciences (MSN). Master's degree in nurse-assisted therapy (NCT) candidates typically focus their studies in a particular clinical specialty such as women's health or pediatric oncology. However, some master's degree programs are available for those interested in advancing their careers or simply want to enhance their nursing knowledge and experience.

Clinical programs are designed to train students for a specific set of skills. Students enrolled in a MSN program typically learn about medical science in a classroom setting and learn to practice clinical skills under the direction of an RN educator. Students will learn how to interact with patients on an individual basis and learn how to provide the necessary care that will help them recover from illness or injury. Many master's degree programs also include internship or volunteer experiences.

There are a number of different clinical areas where students can complete their Master's in Nursing in CNT. Students can choose to focus on providing health care for children, the elderly, the mentally ill or cancer patients. They may also choose to focus on women's health, family medicine or rehabilitation.

The curriculum for a master's degree in nurse-assisted therapy varies between four years and five years depending on the coursework that is completed. During the first two years students learn about the theories behind CNT, basic clinical skills and how to effectively interact with patients. Students are then able to choose to specialize in any area they desire, such as cancer treatment or pediatric oncology.

Students in the master's program usually take four years to complete. In most schools, students may earn an online Bachelor's degree after completion of the coursework. Online colleges may offer accelerated programs that allow students to finish their degrees in just two years. Some schools even offer accelerated degrees through an accelerated track that allows students to complete their courses in two semesters instead of three. Students can complete their programs in half the . . . . . . time and earn the degree in less time by earning a Bachelors at their school of choice or through accelerated Bachelors programs.

Students who complete a master's degree can continue their education at a later date by receiving a doctorate. degree in nurse-assisted therapy. A doctorate degree allows students to further study the theories of CNT and obtain both academic and clinical skills. A doctorate degree takes approximately five years and is a great way to advance your nursing career and help you get the job that you want.

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