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St John's College is an independent liberal arts college situated in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with multiple campuses in Annapolis, Baltimore, and Annapolis Maryland. It's known for having a great liberal arts curriculum. There is also a small but vocal group of students that have religious views and beliefs. Students that belong to the latter group have had their campus experience severely impacted by the actions of their peers, who are members of the former.

This group of students has targeted St John's College as a religious group. This group does not have a membership fee, yet they threaten to damage the reputation of the entire institution. This group has even gone so far as to take the entire college president hostage and threatening to disrupt the college unless the students from this religious group are removed from campus.

This group of Christian students is led by senior David Durbin, who was named as the vice president of students. This vice president is also a member of the campus ministry at the college. He is also a Christian of the Catholic faith.

The president of St John's, Dr. Paul Johnson, said that he has been receiving threatening emails about the situation from the students and this group of students who threaten to disrupt the college. They also threaten to burn down the library where the college holds their library of books. This group of students has also taken to posting flyers throughout the college stating that they are members of a religious organization that are taking over the campus and causing problems for all students. A student told me that there has even been a fight in a cafeteria between these students who had come to school for the first day and another group of students who were working.

The administration officials have also received threats from this group of students on a regular basis. Many students reported to me that they receive anonymous emails or . . . . . . text messages on a daily basis. I've heard of some students even receiving death threats on their cell phones from these students. The administration also received one threatening to burn down the library. the school in a newspaper which has since been pulled.

As a matter of fact, even faculty and staff have been threatened by these students. In an email sent to the entire college community announcing a meeting to discuss the situation, the college's principal called the actions of the students as an invasion of students' freedom of speech and an invasion of students' rights to freedom of religion.

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