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The National Association of Social Work is an international professional organization for social workers all over the world. NASW is part of the International Social Welfare Association. NASW also has over 100,000 registered members.

NASW offers guidance, advice, education, research, advocacy, and many other services to its members and to social work professionals in general. One of the primary goals of NASW is to educate its members about human rights and how to live within those principles. The NASW is also a member of the International Federation of Social Work (IFSW).

NASW also provides educational programs for the general public and to social service professionals and volunteers who work with the NASW. The programs are designed to enhance social work knowledge and skills. One of the programs that the NASW sponsors is the Social Work and the Politics of Change project. This project teaches its members to communicate with politicians and advocates to create a more progressive and equitable society.

The goal of NASW is to protect its members, the best interests of the organizations that they serve, the practice of social work, the professional ethics of the profession, the development of new leaders, and the promotion of social work to the highest levels of power and influence in government and in industry. NASW also promotes its own principles and programs through educational seminars, workshops, conferences, and publications. One of the programs that NASW sponsors is the Social Work Professionals Program (SWPP). The SWPP is a biennial, professional conference that provides workshops and special workshops and lectures on a variety of social issues of interest to its members, including the impact of globalization and the transformation of the U.S. economy.

Many of the NASW's workshops focus on developing skills and knowledge related to social work, particularly social work with children, and the relationship of those skills with the social work profession. This helps NASW members to become better educators and to be better advocates for their fellow social workers. Some of these workshops even provide information on careers within social work.

Many people choose careers in social service as a means of helping people that cannot help themselves. Another of NASW's purposes is to enhance the lives of those individuals who cannot help themselves. by providing social services to the disadvantaged. One of the major tasks of NASW is to make its members aware of the importance of education in improving the quality of life of those who may need it most.

The work of NASW is done through direct service, research, and community involvement. NASW members have a responsibility to their communities. They must work with the local, state, federal, national, and even global community to bring about social justice and to improve the conditions of people in the communities in which they work. As part of this responsibility, they must be committed to maintaining their integrity, effectiveness, and effectiveness.

NASW is governed by a board of officers. One of the directors is Dr. Robert Johnson, a professor emeritus of sociology at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. Other directors are Karen Gann, president; William Copeland, treasurer; and Lorna Blomquist, secretary.

NASW members serve as volunteers. Their work is primarily based on their knowledge and experience. NASW requires that its members take responsibility for their own financial support, in particular for their housing expenses. They are also expected to carry out administrative work that is not directly related to their work. In addition, . . . . . . NASW requires its members to pay dues to the organization and to its journal, the Annual Review.

NASW members are expected to make an active and continuous contribution to its work. Members are encouraged to participate in local and national activities, and conferences. This is one way of promoting their work and in a number of ways. They are also expected to assist in developing training resources for fellow members and other NASW members, to ensure that their skills are appropriately used by the organization.

One of the most important purposes of NASW is to increase its members' knowledge about social work programs, to improve their skills, and to provide resources for future social work programs. To achieve this, NASW sponsors programs at national, state, regional, and international conferences. These conferences bring together experts from all areas of social work, to give presentations on specific topics related to their work. NASW conferences generally are held every three years.

NASW members can access NASW's resources, including the Annual Review, by registering for its newsletter. Members are also encouraged to attend the Annual Review and to join in discussions about social services issues. All NASW members should know that they can obtain important information on a variety of issues related to their field and to social work by joining NASW.

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