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The Bachelor of Accounting is commonly referred to as Bachelor of Accountancy; this is a four year program that combines business and accounting courses in a rigorous educational environment. The Bachelor of Accountancy is a four year degree program, and is the major academic degree in accounting in most jurisdictions, and is typically the first degree recognized for future practice as an accountant; some of the requirements include, but are not limited to, an undergraduate degree (Bachelor's Degree), a GPA of at least 2.5 on all undergraduate subjects, a test to determine financial management abilities, at least two years of work experience as an accountant, an undergraduate grade average of 2.5 or better, an admission test for the Bachelor's degree program, and a standardized exam on the topics of bookkeeping principles and financial management. Most students begin their career in their Bachelor of Accountancy program by entering a master's degree program; however, there are some students who prefer to go straight into a bachelor's degree program, and many students have taken both the bachelor's degree programs prior to starting in a Bachelor of Accountant program.

The Bachelor of Accounting covers all areas of accounting; this includes financial statement preparation, internal control and reporting (ICS/ERP), managerial accounting, taxation, financial forecasting, business valuations, business financial planning, management theory, management research methods, management, human resources, marketing management, business strategy, and managerial management. This course also includes a general education component that is designed to help you gain a basic understanding of economics, basic mathematics, statistics, business communications, communication, business law, business ethics, leadership theory, and managerial practices. In most states, an accredited university will require a minimum GPA from students taking an Accounting elective course in order to graduate with a Bachelor of Accountant certification. The bachelor of accounting degree is an excellent foundation for any further study in accounting, including a Master of Science (MS), or MBA, as well as professional certifications.

The Master of Science (MS) in Accounting degree program will prepare you to take examinations in both business and accounting. The MS degree will be able to train you for leadership positions in the accounting profession. The course content consists of the theoretical study of the subject matter, the practical application of the theoretical learning, as well as clinical and internship experience in a specific area of the field of accounting. An MS degree can lead to a number of employment opportunities, including a teaching position, consultant positions, auditing positions, public relations positions, business administration positions, executive positions, bookkeeping positions, finance management positions, and a wide range of other managerial and supervisory positions.

The Master of Science (Masters) in Business Administration (MSBA) degree program provides a broad spectrum of courses in general business studies. Students completing this program will learn . . . . . . management concepts, business ethics, financial management, decision making skills, managerial planning and problem solving, marketing management, human resource management, as well as a wide variety of business accounting and business administration courses.

The Masters in Human Resource Management (MSHLM) program provides you with an overview of the entire process of human capital management. The program provides you with the knowledge and information you need to effectively manage the human resources departments of a corporation. In the Human Resources Management program, students will learn how to implement effective talent management techniques, motivate and manage the talent, develop a balanced and thorough talent management plan, and the principles of employee development.

The Master's Degree in Education is a three year program that covers the entire gamut of education including education, specializations in teaching, and learning. The program covers topics such as educational administration, curriculum, social sciences, and psychology of education, as well as the study of the theories, history, practices and consequences of education. The program will teach you everything you need to know about the field of education including the theory and practical aspects of instruction, the evaluation of educational programs, how to conduct research and evaluate learning and classroom methods, the principles and practice of assessment and testing, and the analysis of various forms of education.

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