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It is not the Tiger Woods that have made his father, Ralph, want to play golf more, but it is the way he is playing it that have made his dad enjoy the game more. There are a lot of dads out there who are fed up with the game and would like to get their children involved in something they love. So when Tiger Woods announced that he was going to try to play golf again, dad could hardly contain his excitement.

But is this the same game that he played on and off when he was a teenager? It seems that the new Tiger Woods is the exact opposite of his father. His game is not as good as his father's, so why would dad want his son to play the game the same way?

Tiger Woods Jr. isn't actually that good. He probably only has a couple of good drives right now, and he just doesn't need to play as much as dad does.

That is not to say that his father didn't make him better than the rest of the guys in his age group when he was playing the game. But he did not take the same type of precautions that dad did. If anything, the more he was hit by bogeys the better he got.

This may be what is making the difference between a great player for the rest of his life and one who will never have a golf game of any real quality or that which impresses even the professionals. So if you are a dad who is worried about your kids getting injured or hurt playing the game, then maybe you should go back to the way things were before Tiger Woods came along.

If you want to get the best advice from somebody who knows what Tiger Woods is like, then you might want to listen to the man himself. He can explain his success and also explain how you can learn a lot from it. So if you want to make sure that your kids learn from their father, then maybe you should listen to Tiger Woods and get involved in the sport yourself.

This is a guy that . . . . . . has done it all, and he has played in every major championship that there is. It is easy to see why Tiger Woods son loves playing the game. It will make him better prepared if he ever goes off to college and wants to play professionally.

And he might even make a great shot, one that no other golfer has ever made. Please consider all this.

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