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Saint Mary's College of California, located in Moraga, CA is a prestigious Catholic religious school. It is also affiliated to the Roman Catholic Church, operated by the De la Salle Catholic Brothers.

The college was originally established by Sister Lucia Marie of the Order of St. Mary of the Assumption in 1611. It is known for its academic excellence and has been named one of the top 150 colleges nationwide by US News & World Report.

The campus of the university, located in Moraga, CA is beautiful. The university offers different majors, and there is something for everyone. In addition to being a top-notch institution, it offers excellent student service and programs.

The majority of students attend the high school of their choice. Some are admitted to the college after completing the high school curriculum. All of the students graduate with four years of undergraduate study.

Most students choose a major from a pre-established list of courses they wish to take. Some students choose to earn their degree through independent study. There are a few schools that provide independent study, but the majority of students take an integrated approach to earning their degree.

The average time to earn a bachelor's degree from Saint Mary's is four years. This includes four semesters, which is six semesters total. Students may elect to earn an associate's degree, or bachelors. Students can complete the program in a single year, two years, or even longer.

Some students choose to take some online courses in addition to the required classes. This helps them to complete the degree in less time. Students have the option of completing their bachelor's degree online in a matter of months, or in as little as two years.

The main campus is located on a campus with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. Many students choose this area of the university because of the proximity to work and entertainment centers. It's also a very affluent area of Moraga.

Moraga is a very popular choice for many high school graduates. Most people living in Moraga have a high quality of life. Students from out of town high schools are drawn to Moraga as a wonderful place to go to school, and also as a place to live.

Saint Mary's is one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. It is well known for its educational excellence. It offers an outstanding education and the chance for students to achieve their goals.

The student body at St Mary's is diverse, with a mixture of students from all over the world. There are a variety of backgrounds. Many students are from very wealthy families, and others come from families that come from very poor circumstances.

There is no racial discrimination at St Mary's College. Students can be of any race, . . . . . . religion, or sexual orientation. The campus is open to anyone, no matter their background. There is a very large and active student body.

Students enjoy a very active social life. The student body is very diverse. They meet a wide range of people during their freshman and sophomore years.

There is no requirement that students live on campus. Students can choose to live at their homes during summer break.

Students who want to major in engineering, computer science, or mathematics can get into their dream programs at St Mary's. Most students get an undergraduate or graduate degree in the field of study that they chose. They can then apply for jobs and obtain entry into the most sought after professions.

The school has a very successful athletic program. Students play on the university volleyball and basketball teams.

Students can choose to attend St Mary's on campus, or they can choose to go to another college. If a student is interested in transferring to another institution, they must complete their degree requirements there. before they may apply to another school.

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